It was eighteen months in the making, but like all good things totally worth the wait. When I met up with Dale and Brent for their engagement shoot a couple of months ago, I don’t think I really appreciated the extent of their attention to detail for their wedding. I almost feel like I need to make a bullet point list, just so that I don’t forget anything! So I think my best bet is to talk you through the day – start to finish 🙂

It was a drizzly September morning when we waited for the two grooms at Potters Fields in front of City Hall. Given their action-packed wedding day, we decided to do their couple portraits first thing so we did not have to interrupt the flow of the occasion. With big smiles on their faces they arrived – very fashionably dressed in blue suits and pink and silver ties. Armed with bright blue and pink umbrellas to take shelter from the rain, and brighten up a dreary London day. With the iconic Tower Bridge as the backdrop, we took our photos and then headed over to the other side of the river where we met up with the groomsmaids at St Dunstan’s. As one of my favourite little spots in London, we chose St Dunstan’s because of it’s serenity and history – right in the middle of the city in between the modern skyscrapers. The groomsmaids were all beautifully dressed in white, accessorised by umbrellas, bouquets and their shoes in the wedding colours: white, blue, pink and yellow. From St Dunstan’s we made the short stroll to the “Walkie Talkie” where we were treated to lunch at the Skygarden Darwin Brasserie. We really felt very spoilt.

Following lunch our transport to the ceremony arrived – and old school London Routemaster bus. But even here the attention to detail was visible – the bus route number displayed was 333, the number of the bus route that connected them. Arriving at the college, we headed straight for the Old Library where the guests had gathered. Being led in by their ring bearer, flower girl and groomsmaids, the grooms made their entrance hand-in-hand. With two readings from friends, the ceremony was quite emotional and more than one person had to wipe a tear from their eye. Afterwards it was time for the group photos before everybody boarded the bus for the journey to Borough Market where the reception was being hosted. But this would be no ordinary bus journey, as the grooms had it all planned out. Guests were grouped together in teams for the “wedding bus quiz” where friends and family’s knowledge about the grooms and landmarks en route were tested.

Upon arrival at 1 Cathedral Street for the reception, the planning and amount of effort these guys have gone through was really visible. From the welcome sign that greeted guests explaining the flow of the evening, to the table decorations. In particular I found the table plan and table cards very impressive – even more so knowing that Brent spent hours designing it himself. Avid travellers, the table names were based on places they have visited together on holiday, with the main table split between Toronto (Brent is Canadian) and London (Dale is English). But it did not stop there. Handmade centrepieces of flower pots and bright paper flowers brightened up the tables. Pink uplighting provided a nice colourful kick to the background. In the bar room was a refreshment / sweet table with some Canadian goodies – all coming from Brent’s grandmother that could not attend the wedding. Downstairs the wedding cake was on display – a cupcake tower with the toptier cake, showcasing the same design of the Toronto tower and Big Ben has the table settings, and decorated with edible versions of the paper flowers in the centrepieces. A quintessential mini London post box was ready for guests to post their postcards with well wishes to the couple. And then my favourite: the wedding favours. The grooms have a keen interest in craft beers, so naturally the wedding favours would be a personalised craft beer for each wedding guest. Amazing!

After a delicious dinner and speeches, it was time to open the dancefloor. Once the two grooms had their moment, the DJ played one of the post iconic pop-rock songs of all time from Bon Jovi – Living on a prayer. With this, all mayhem broke loose. Wigs, blow-up guitars and microphones all made their appearance and lip-syncing and re-enactment was at the order of the day. Now I have to prefix this by mentioning that for Dale’s stagdo they went to record a Bon Jovi music – how cool is that?? The rest of the night was filled with interpretive dance moves and air guitar playing.

I don’t think I have ever smiled (and actually laughed out loud) so much whilst editing a wedding. Dale and Brent are two incredibly fun gentleman, and they have an amazing network of friends and family surrounding them.  And it really special to get to know them and their friends better throughout the day. I hope you enjoy the photos, and may the vibrancy and fun brighten up your day. Dale & Brent, when we we are next in London we would love to meet up for a beer – we need travel tips for Hawaii 😉

Ceremony Venue: The Old Library, East Dulwich College
Reception Venue: One Cathedral Street
Florist: Karen Woolven Floral Design
Caterer: The London Kitchen
Wedding Cake: Hummingbird Bakery
DJ: GJ Disco
Lighting: Beyond Certainty
Decoration: The London Balloon Company

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