Leaving the warm summer weather of Greece behind, we headed down to the land Down Under for Adam and Trent’s wedding just outside of Melbourne. A fleeting four day visit – I don’t think even enough time for the jetlag to set in. And the cold was quite a shock too – from a scorching 35 degree heat to about zero, in less than 24 hours. But wow, was it worth it!

We arrived in Daylesford early the morning of the wedding for the rehearsal. Hiding away from the frosty morning air with a coffee, the wedding party arrived to meet the celebrant and run through the order of the ceremony. Very relaxed and full of jokes. Once everybody knew where they were meant to stand and when to say what, they all went back to their accommodations. I used this time to take photos of the room details that were set up already, and also to explore the beautiful surroundings of the Lake House. I would absolutely love to come back here in the spring time – the lakes are just stunning and I can only imagine how even more amazing it will look when all the trees are blossoming. Then it was time to head into town for a late breakfast before the wedding started. Daylesford is one of the few spa towns in Australia with a small population of around 2,500 people. Driving through the main streets it kind of reminded me of a cool American Wild West type of town. Walking past all the restaurants and bars, looking at the menus it is also very cosmopolitan.

Energised after a great breakfast, we headed over to the house where Adam was getting ready with his groomsmen for a few shots as they were in the final stages of getting ready. Back at the Lake House both sets of wedding parties arrived for photos prior to the guests arriving and the celebrations kicking off. With the navy theme of the invitations and menus continuing in the dresscode for the wedding party, they all looked very stylish and classy I thought. It took a little bit convincing to get them all out in the cold for photos, but I just about managed. It would be a shame to let the beautiful backdrop go to waste right 😉 With the group shots done, I stole away the grooms for a few minutes for couple photos before the cold really got into the bones. When we returned to the Terrace Room, it wasn’t long until friends and family started arriving and the room filled up with the sound of chatter and laughter as everybody enjoyed some pre-wedding margaritas.

I was quite blown away by the ceremony. Clearly the celebrant spent time to get to know the guys beforehand, because it was a very personal ceremony, constantly recalling moments and aspects of their relationship. Equally their vows were very personal, and with a good sense of humour – true to their character. The ceremony ended with a reading and blessing by Trent’s grandfather, which was a very special and moving start to the celebrations. Friends and family started pouring in for hugs and congratulations before mingling around the room whilst canapés and drinks were served before dinner, whilst the band provided the background music.

Moving into the dining room for the reception, all 64 people were seated on one enormously long table. The centre decorated with chunks of wood, pine cones and moss – a true reflection of the surrounding area. On the dance floor stood the wedding cake – a delicious dark chocolate cake decorated with a little bird that would become quite a discussion point later in the evening 🙂 After the speeches everyone tucked into the delicious dinner before the party moved to the dance floor. The band providing really good live music, there were some proper, as well as some interesting, dance moves. With the evening winding down, a hot chocolate station providing warmth before everybody left for the cold outside. Also a really nice touch was the parting gifts to all the guests – a lovely bottle of red wine with a personalised label and a box of take-away cookies 🙂

Guys – it was really special and an honour to share in your day, not just as a guest but also to be able to capture the moments. I hope you enjoy the photos and that it is a good record re-telling the story for years to come.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lake house

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