As my assistant and I were driving towards Suffolk on the Friday evening before Rowena and James’s wedding, I was a little concerned about the threatening, really dark clouds that filled the sky. However, when we all woke up on the Saturday morning, the skies were blue and it was a very happy sunshine day – pretty much just like the bride and groom.

James and Rowena met through friends in a bar in Clapham, and a couple of years later – after a proposal by the groom over breakfast in Devon – the wedding preparations started. They organised their big day without the help of a co-ordinator and as Rowena is very creative and enjoys crafts, the day was filled with a lot of handmade detail – from invitations to reception decorations. Even the bouquets were handmade out of ribbons!

Wedding bouquet made from ribbons

I met up with the bride at her family home in Colchester where I got a first glimpse at the dress. Hanging suspended from the ceiling was an amazing (and heavy) dress from Grace and Lace – a dress ready to make any bride feel like a princess!

From here, I headed over to Hadleigh Guildhall where all the rest of the day’s activities were to take place. The venue is cleverly setup with various rooms to accommodate the different parts of a wedding day. For James and Rowena the ceremony took place in The Council Chamber – with James waiting in the front of the room it was a really special moment when Rowena walked through the door and he saw his soon-to-be-wife for the first time. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room!

Groom seeing his bride for the first time

After the ceremony guests were treated to some drinks in the garden before the wedding breakfast was served upstairs in the Old Townhall. The tables were named after favourite movies of the bride and groom, with a quote from each. The speeches were a true reflection of what a fun couple these two are – providing lots of fun and laughter. And I have to admit – probably one of the best Best Man speeches I have ever heard! The day concluded with the party continuing in The Grand Hall. I think one of my favourite moments must have been when the entire groom’s side of the family were on the dance floor playing the air guitar – amazing! James and Rowena – thank you for allowing me share in your special day and to capture those moments for you to keep as memories. I can honestly say that I had an awesome time with you guys and I wish you a long and happy future together!

(You can view James & Rowena’s slideshow on my Vimeo page here.)

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