Three months earlier, before their Paros wedding, Magnus proposed to Sara while they were on a spa break together. They have met at work, and it wasn’t long after that they realised that they belonged together. They had both been married before, and dreamed of an island wedding that was simple and intimate, but still classic and elegant. Following a legal ceremony in Sweden, they came to Paros with their children, closest family and friends to share their vows in a very personal ceremony. Their chosen venue for the occasion was a boutique hotel near Naoussa where they gathered around the pool with amazing views over the Aegean Sea. With the wedding co-ordination done by local Paros wedding planner Mimmika Liakou-Papoutsaki they managed to stay true to what they really wanted the day to be about – wanting to celebrate their togetherness.


Sara remembers, “Arriving poolside, before the ceremony, with the kids and friends arriving one after the other, and the hotel guests looking on… I felt like royalty!!!” With Sara dressed in a short crochet wedding dress, and Magnus in a blue linen shirt, they oozed island chic! With their girls by their side, they they each took a turn at binding the sash during the handfasting ritual of the ceremony, symbolising not only the jointing of the couple, but of two families. After a lovely champagne reception around the pool, the newlyweds and their loved ones celebrated with a special dinner at a local restaurant.


Wedding planner Mimmika says about the ceremony, “Never before has a couple that told us they want to ‘keep it simple’ actually managed to stick to this goal. With an industry bombarding brides and couples with inspiration, do’s and don’t,  it’s too easy get lost in the frenzy, and we’re always on standby to remind couples what is really important – their personal reason for wanting to take this next step. With Sara & Magnus, this wasn’t necessary even once – and we applaud them for staying true to what was important to them for their day.

It was a fantastic pleasure to have met and be part of Magnus & Sara’s very intimate and special day. May the rest of your lives together be filled with all the smiles, laughter, love and togetherness that you experienced on your wedding day!


Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: …by Mimmika
Ceremony Officiants: …by Mimmika
Ceremony Venue: Hotel Senia
Bride’s Dress: Karen Millen


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