It was a typically grey and dreary winters day in London when I met Louise and Anthony at their wedding venue (Q’Vardis, Uxbridge) for a catch up and their engagement photography shoot. What a happy and fun couple they are – they really brightened up a dull-weather day!

We walked around the wedding venue, chatting about all the details and getting excited about all the planning for their big day. Once we finished up there, we went to the Little Britain Lakes around the corner where we went for a lovely stroll along the edge of the lakes and stopped off in a few spots for photos. If I think back to the day, I most definitely remember the laughter! These guys had me in stitches!

Louise and Anthony’s wedding is the first one in my calendar for 2014 and I am really excited for it! Will it be too much to ask the weather gods for a sprinkle of light snow on the day?

Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0001 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0002 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0003 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0004 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0005 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0006 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0007 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0008 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0010 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0011 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0012 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0013 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0014 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0015 Little-Britain-Lakes-Engagement-Shoot_0016

Author: Bernard Pretorius