During my last week of living in the UK, I met up with Brent and Dale for their London engagement shoot. As with all pre-wedding shoots, it is a great opportunity to get to know the couple better and it has just been an absolute pleasure spending time with these two guys!

They opted for a London-themed shoot as this is where they met and current live. Also, Brent is very much into the historical architecture in the city, so the Southbank provided an ideal backdrop. We met at Waterloo and first headed down to the graffiti tunnel on Leake Street for some colourful urban portraits. From there we strolled to County Hall and then onto Albert Embankment where we had a great view of the Thames and Houses of Parliament. We then made our way all along the Southbank to the Millennium footbridge, chatting and stopping along the route when we saw a nice photo opportunity.

Probably my favourite set from the day was taken in between the birch trees in front of the Tate Modern. Shooting with natural light and a kicker light to provide some rim lighting, it gives the images some punch whilst the surrounding greenery provides vibrant colour. Before we called it a day, we went to St Paul’s Cathedral for some final shots.

I am very much looking forward to return to London for their wedding in September, but for now enjoy the pictures!

London-Engagement-Shoot_0002 London-Engagement-Shoot_0003 London-Engagement-Shoot_0004 London-Engagement-Shoot_0005 London-Engagement-Shoot_0006 London-Engagement-Shoot_0007 London-Engagement-Shoot_0008 London-Engagement-Shoot_0009 London-Engagement-Shoot_0010 London-Engagement-Shoot_0011 London-Engagement-Shoot_0012 London-Engagement-Shoot_0013 London-Engagement-Shoot_0015