A beach on an idyllic Greek island – this is where Guylaine and Martin decided to start writing the next chapter of their love story. They have been together as a couple for many, many years and when they decided to get married, they wanted it to be a private ceremony that is special to the two of them. I think they were not disappointed and they got exactly the day they dreamed of.

Although it was just the two of them, they decided not to see each other during the day until the met on the beach for the ceremony. As Guylaine was having her hair and make-up done in their hotel room, the atmosphere was very calm as we all were chatting and sharing dog stories with each other. Once she was in her dress, I went with her into Naoussa for a few bridal portraits whilst Nick stayed behind at the hotel where it was Martin’s turn to get ready.

Sadly the strong wind interfered with the plan to have the bride arrive at Agios Ioannis by boat, so we drove together from Naoussa. I left her at the entrance of the churchyard out of sight of the groom, while I made my way down to the beach  – ready and waiting for her official arrival. As she came walking down through the trees her face was absolutely beaming. Martin’s face too gave away his happiness to see his wife-to-be. The bond and love between them, cultivated over the years of being together, was very much visible and touching to witness. The symbolic ceremony was conducted by Mimmika as the sea water was lapping at their feet. I was also notably impressed that Martin has written, memorised and delivered his wedding vows in Greek – no mean feat and incredibly special.

Following the ceremony we shared a glass of champagne together before we headed into the surrounding area for some couple portraits. Before we left Agios Ioannis, we climbed some way up the hill behind the shipyard for some photos with the sunset in the background and I think it was totally worth the effort. As we were driving back to Naoussa we stopped along the coast road for the last few photos before saying our goodbyes and for them to enjoy their celebration dinner together. Let the images tell you the story of their day and journey together…

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: love.laugh.live …by Mimmika
Preparation Venue: Anemoi Resort
Hair: Flora Dragazi
Make-up: Sofia Cotanidou

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