Every wedding I shoot is different from another, because the people, their stories and journeys are unique. From each wedding there is always something special that I take away as a memory of sharing in such a special day with the couples, and with Tate and Dimitri that special thing for me was the emotion and very visible love these two great guys have for each other. Their celebrations were also a great reminder about what the essence of a wedding is all about: two people making a commitment to each other with their friends and family as witnesses, with everything else being incidentals.

After having briefly met on Skype a few months before the wedding after their wedding planner, Mimmika, connected us, I was really excited to meet them in person during the ceremony rehearsal the day before the wedding. Genuinely, two of the nicest guys you can ever wish to meet, and having met some of their family and friends during the rehearsal, you could sense it was going to be a special ceremony. This was all cemented when me and my assistant joined the couple and their wedding guests on a sunset cruise that evening. We were so warmly welcomed that I felt like we were part of the guests. As we all set sail on Phoebus boat around the Mykonos bay, awaiting the beautiful Greek sunset, I felt very privileged to get to know all the guests better. It is fair to say that Tate and Dimitri are very fortunate to have such great and supportive people surrounding them.

On the day of the wedding there were more than a few touching moments that really stood out for me. The first one was the surprise “wedding donkey” that Tate arranged for Dimitri and seeing Dimitri’s reaction. Then there was their very beautiful and powerful vows, the moment Dimitri’s aunt placed the stefana on their heads (incorporating some Greek wedding traditions from his heritage), the emotional reading from Tate’s brother, the heart-warming speeches, their first dance and the mother/aunt and groom dance. I would lie if I said I did not tear up more than once during the wedding (thank goodness I could hide behind my camera), and this at a wedding of a couple I have not known for that long. But that is the kind of couple these guys are – warm and inviting. But before you think I am getting all soppy on you, rest assured that there were plenty of smiles, laughter, jokes and silly dance moves. All-in-all leaving a big grin on my face when I think back to my time with them on Mykonos.

Again I have written far more than what I set out to do, so let me stop and let you browse through their pictures and hopefully experience some of their magic through them. Guys – I thoroughly enjoyed being able to do your Mykonos wedding photography, and I am looking forward to catch up with you on either my next visit to New York, or yours to Greece. Να ζήσετε!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Mimmika Liakou-Papoutsaki
DJ: DJ Argy
Reception Venue: Elia Restaurant

(And lastly a “plug” to make sure you visit Dimitri’s really cool shop – Bishop Collective)

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