With friends and family joining from all over the world, it was quite an international affair for Joanna and Aris’s wedding. Having grown up in Canada (in a Greek family) and Greece respectively, they decided to get married where their roots are – here in Greece. After doing some research about the various islands they decided on beautiful Naxos to say their I do’s.

Our day started in the hotel where Joanna was getting ready. We were greeted by warm smiles and a very relaxed vibe in the room. I thought it was quite special the way the bride was getting ready – with her mom doing her hair, and one of her best friends doing her make-up. From there we briefly hopped over to where Aris was getting ready with the guys and then we made our way over to the church.

Agios Nikolaos sits on the rocks above Agia Anna beach, with long boardwalks leading up to the church from both sides. A small traditional Greek church with a little courtyard overlooking the sunset. Joanna and her parents arrived in a horse drawn carriage before the started making their way along the boardwalk towards the church. Beautiful flower pots and lanterns decorated the path. For the last little bit uphill to the church, the bride was assisted by the grooms’ brothers – she was wearing high heels after all! The ceremony itself was traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony – as always my favourite part was being the dance of Isaiah and rice throwing 🙂

For the reception we all did the short walk down to Banana Beach bar where dinner was served until DJ Christos kept the dance floor full until the early hours of the morning. A good mix of mainstream and Greek music. Yet again, amazing to have been part of such a great wedding day! Enjoy the photos!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Kallina Coordinators
Bride Preparation Venue: Iria Beach Art Hotel
Groom Preparation Venue: Sea View Studios
Ceremony Venue: Agios Nikolaos, Agia Anna
Reception Venue: Banana Beach Bar Restaurant
DJ: Showtime Entertainment
Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero
Groom Suit: Hugo Boss

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