As autumn starts to set in here in London, I was back in Battersea Park to meet up with Ella and Gareth for their pre-wedding shoot. I really love doing shoots here as the park provides such diverse backdrops that no one shoot has to be the same. For Ella and Gareth I opted for a more “nature” themed shoot on the south side of the park, capturing the lush greenery and the autumn colours starting to come through. We took it really slow, chatting away as we were walking along the pathways, stopping at nice spots for a few images.

Although it is not always logistically possible, I really love these photo sessions as it is quite relaxed and it is a great chance for me and the couple to get to know each other. One we finished taking photos, we sat down for a coffee and a chat, and before we knew it the morning was nearly gone!

Enjoy the planning of your big day guys, and I look forward to seeing you in the Spring. Enjoy the photos!

pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0002 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0003 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0004 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0005 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0006 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0007 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0008 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0009 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0010 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0011 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0012 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0013 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0014 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0015 pre-wedding-shoot-in-the-park_0016