When it came to choosing a destination for their wedding, it was an easy choice for Elina & Philipp seeing that their family has been coming to Paros on holiday for many years. And what more do you want as an idillic backdrop than the blue skies and waters of the Greek island in the heart of the Aegean? Taking in all the island has to offer, they chose to have the ceremony at the Catholic Church in the old town of Parikia with its whitewashed buildings and traditional alleyways, and then a beautiful seaside restaurant with amazing sunset views for the dinner reception and party.

I am sure you will agree that Elina looked absolutely breathtaking in her dress, and Philipp very dapper in his tuxedo. But what struck me the most was the (very visible) connection and love they have for each other. Even as an outsider, I was incredibly moved by them with two moments in particular standing out for me – when Elina received a bunch of flowers from her groom whilst getting ready, and also when they saw each other for the first time in the church. It wasn’t possible to not be drawn into the emotion with them.

Surrounded by family and friends, they celebrated their marriage in style – with lots of smiles, laughter and dancing to go around. The small sample of photos in this post gives a taste of this. And you know it was a great wedding party when you only leave the wedding venue at five in the morning! Guys – thank you so much for having us along on your day, for being such great people and for reminding us again what love is about! May you have a marriage filled with lots of laughter, adventures and special moment together!

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Mimmika Liakou
Preparation Venue: Anemoi Resort & Private Home
Ceremony Venue: Saint Anthony Catholic Church, Parikia
Reception Venue: Siparos Restaurant
Hair Styling: Flora Dragazi
Videographer: Kostas Kastanakis
DJ: Showtime Djs
Wedding Dress:  Yolan Cris

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