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Thanks for stopping by my website. I am Bernard, a Greece Wedding Photographer specialising in wedding photography commissions throughout Greece, the UK, and wherever your wedding may take me.

Ansel Adams said “ You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. These words that inspire me to work with you to create beautiful images that you will be proud to display on your living room wall for years to come. Not only because they picture you on your special day, but because they are art.

My style is mostly ‘reportage’ wedding photography, capturing events as they unfold in an unobtrusive way. I mix this with contemporary and relaxed couple portraits. Light plays a crucial part in creating great images and I use a combination of natural ambient light and supplemental lighting to produce a variety of images, from the soft and romantic to the dramatic and high-impact. I pride myself in conducting extensive research into your venues and surrounding areas to get the best and most beautiful results for you, focusing on the direction of available light during key moments of your wedding day. It is about your story and your day, and your photographer needs a flexible skill-set to capture not only stunning portraits, but also the candid moments and intricate details that tell the full story.

I shoot weddings as a solo photographer and have also worked alongside other international wedding photographers. As a result, I am sensitive to services of various denominations and their traditions including Church Weddings, Greek Weddings, Sikh Weddings and Civil Ceremonies.

Telling Your Story

Bedtime stories, movies, television shows, the news, phone calls, conversations - your life is surrounded by stories. Your own life is a story where you play the leading role, your life an unfolding journey.

There is no more significant milestone on this journey than your wedding day. It's not just about the amazing event you have planned so carefully, it's about how two stories intertwine to become one. It's about how your journeys merged, how your love blossomed. It's about the people celebrating your life with you, touching their story to yours.

Can you capture every whisper, every loving glance, every glass raised in your honour, the nerves and excitement, the glamour and music? I will help you write the story, to capture the essence of the bond between you as a couple. No words, only images. Capturing the raw emotion, tears and laughter, love unfettered.

Images that will make you feel that it happened only yesterday. Images that make future generations feel like they were there.

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